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  • ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD - Official Trailer

    ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD – Official Trailer is finally here

    After it’s world premiere at the Cannes Film festival, the official trailer of “Once Upon a Time in hollywood” Sony Pictures has dropped the official trailer of Tarantino’s ninth feature film. In 1969 Los Angeles, television star Rick Dalton(Leonardo DiCaprio) and his longtime stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) make their way around a changing […]

  • avengers-infinity-war-official-poster-2018-4o-1280x800

    Avengers: Infinity War Leaves The Crowd Speechless

    This is a spoiler free review Directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, Avengers: Infinity War film marked the tenth anniversary of Marvel Studios and its inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and also the nineteenth film released by Marvel Studios in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A lot of hype from surrounds the film with […]

  • star-wars-the-last-jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi: An In-Depth Spoiler Review

    BE WARNED! SPOILER TERRITORY! The eight film in hollywood’s most successful film franchise is finally here! Star Wars: The Last Jedi is released over forty years after Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope (1977). Here’s the official synopsis of the film: Having taken her first steps into the Jedi world, Rey joins Luke Skywalker […]

  • justiceleague.0.0

    Justice League: Review *Spoilers*

    Let’s face the facts here. This movie is probably the most anticipated movie of the year. DC has been under a lot of pressure to establish their own universe and compete against Marvel. With some controversial changes with the director and the momentum that DC has, will this movie live up to its expectations? Disclaimer: […]

  • strangerthings.0

    Stranger Things: Season 2 Review: more stakes, more excitement

    Stranger Things is back and it’s way better than the first one. The cast of charming kids are back and they are as charismatic as ever. The children are one of the strongest elements of this series providing great comedy and nostalgia. Their innocence gives the series more effective scares as our inner kid identifies […]

  • 1503602980-thor-ragnarok-short-hair-1003653-1280x0

    Thor: Ragnarok Review: the right blend of comedy and action

    In Thor: Ragnarok, Hela plans to take control of Asgard and our beloved Thor finds himself imprisoned in an alien planet filled with chaos where he is then put into a gladiator match against the Grandmaster’s champion the Incredible Hulk. Thor now struggles to fight and return to Agard and stop Hela’s conquest. Thor: Ragnarok […]

  • Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 1.11.04 PM

    Sofia Coppola at Lincoln Center: How we can thank Mitch Glazer for Bill Murray in Lost in Translation and her photographic influences for The Beguiled

    Tonight the Film Society at Lincoln Center was graced with the company of Sofia Coppola to discuss her influences and her newest film. A new interpretation of the 1971 Clint Eastwood film and Thomas Cullinan novel, The Beguiled is set at a girls school in the South where Nicole Kidman plays a Headmistress whose students […]

  • guardiansofthegalaxyvol2-185646

    Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is still fun

    The Guardians Of The Galaxy is here to save the galaxy once more while listening to some awesome mix tapes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is still the fun and funny that it used to be. Die hard fans of the first installment might leave the theater with a smaller smile on their face […]

  • tumblr_okcksnqjP71rq03t7o1_500h

    The Fearless Tale of 13 Reasons Why

    Netflix’s latest show “13 Reasons Why” is a story about a girl named Hannah Baker who sent out tapes about her life before she died to the people who she feels has made it difficult to live with. 13 Reasons Why is very depressing to watch. It tackles deep, dark and serious subject matters like […]

  • 1481869790_oa

    The OA Series Review

    (This is not a spoiler-free review) The OA is a Netflix show that debuted on December 16th, 2016. The story follows Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling), a young woman who has recently returned to her family after a seven-year-old disappearance. At the time of her disappearance, Prairie was blind and she returns with her sight restored, […]

  • 703337

    Star Wars Rogue One Movie Review

    “Dark, bold and thrilling. This is the Star Wars story you’ve been dreaming of” ——————————————————————————- Rogue One takes place before the events of A New Hope and the Death Star is being built. The Rebel Alliance finds out about its capabilities to obliterate other planets and it is up to Jyn Erso played by Felicity […]

  • your-name

    Your Name Movie Review

    “A spectacular and gripping story about two individuals falling in love without meeting” ——————————————————————————- Directed by Makoto Shinkai, the story is about two teenagers who haven’t met before that found themselves mysteriously swapping bodies. The boy (Taki) from Tokyo inhabits the girl’s (Mitsuha) body from Itomori and vice versa. This creates some interesting scenarios as […]

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