US box office November 8: 007 Spectre is a hit but not as Skyfall



007 Spectre is finally released in US theaters. “Finally,” because the month of October was particularly rotten for everyone, except for Alone on Mars and Hotel Transylvania 2 Here we are in November and spectrum goes haunt America. $ 73 million at startup: objectively, but it is 15 million less than Skyfall that started at $ 88 million in October 2012. This is the seventh best start of 2015 so far, to Pitch Perfect 2 (69.2 million) and behind Fifty Shades of Grey (85.1 million). Christian Grey is stronger than James Bond, and Barden Bellas nearly as beefy? We let others we see, but the 24th film in the saga 007 (fourth round and tuxedo for Daniel Craig) is gone to be a big hit in the United States until 20 November with the release of Hunger Games: Uprising (Part 2), Katniss is scheduled to pitch James a well placed arrow. Normal as the Bond movies are aimed at an older audience (25+) that Hunger Games.

Elsewhere in the world, 007 Spectre has already scooped the enormous sum of $ 226 million -pulvérisant including the record for the best start of all time in England. Still, the US remains a disappointing start for a hair too expensive film (called a budget between 245 and 300 million) and for the Sony studio hoped repeat the stroke of Skyfall (rempiler by Sam Mendes behind the camera) and exceed 80 million this weekend bar. But now, 007 Spectre is objectively less appreciated that Skyfall, and a lot longer (2:28) that Skyfall -who finished his career with $ 1.1 billion on the planet with 304.3 million in the United States. The world is not enough.

Another innovation of the weekend was the family animated film Peanuts, who managed to grab $ 45 million in three days. It’s not bad, but it is worse than, for example, starting the way! DreamWorks (52.1 million in March). It’s a better start for a film studio Blue Sky Rio 2 (39.3 million in April 2014). The presence of the highly lucrative Hotel Transylvania 2-yet aired in more than 2,000 theaters across the territory américain- probably know Snoopy prevented greater success, but it’s still a good start (the share of 3D does not rise that to 27%) for a film based on a franchise as old (the first strip by Charles Schulz was published in 1950, the latest big screen adaptation was in 1980) but so iconic and reassuring for the family audience. The studio 20th Century Fox beat up the promotion to attract a teen audience in theaters with many a very playful applications Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

Only on Mars finds himself third in the top 5 after spending the entire month of October a number (except the weekend of the output Goosebumps, let’s be honest). $ 9.3 million better this weekend, for a total of 197 million US. Seventh biggest hit of 2015 so far 007 Spectre, Hunger Games and the ultimate Star Wars: The Force Wake will shake all that) on Mars only managed to beat Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation which ended at 195 million this summer.

Goosebumps harvest 6.9 million in its fourth weekend. Here he reached revenues of 66.4 million in the US, and a score 25.8 million in the rest of the world. A total of 92.2 million with a budget of 58: overall, it’s more honest, even if the age of the franchise of horror novels for teens (which sold 350 million copies on the planet) s is felt.

Finally, The Bridge of Spies wins $ 6 million for its fourth weekend. With a total of 54.9 million US, the latest Steven Spielberg has just paid a budget of 40 million. Spielberg on the scale, that is much less than the triumphal Lincoln (182 200 000 in November 2012). Tom Hanks side is small compared to Saving Mr. Banks (83.3 million in December 2013). And it is the lowest score of the four films of the duo Hanks / Spielberg, below the terminal which ended his career at US 77.8 million (excluding inflation) in 2004. In short, it is a bit disappointing, while that. The Bridge of spies spying -History true in the 60- year failed to bring in theaters on adult audience it was aimed. Fox was the happiest hand Alone on Mars. And now that 007 Spectre is in theaters, the most famous spy of the movies will quietly kill Bridge spies a bullet between the eyes. It’s a metaphor.