The Top 5 Best Political Films

Politics can be very confusing at times. People debate about what form of government best suites their country and as ideologies clash, groups of people are formed to uphold such opinions causing divides among populations. Well this list is here to help you have a better understanding of how politics work and how the decisions of our world leaders can affect our everyday lives. So without further ado, here are our top 5 :


5.  Gandhi

The 1980s classic “Gandhi” tells the life and times of the leader of the Indian Independence movement in British-ruled India. Gandhi is played brilliantly by Ben Kingsley and shows how he engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience that lead India to Independence.  This film is highly praised by film critics for its epic scale and characterisation. Only few films are able to tell a story with such political complexities intertwining with morality in a cohesive way.


4. Lawrence Of Arabia


This magnificent piece of cinema directed by David Lean tells the story of Thomas Edward Lawrence played brilliantly by the late actor Peter O’ Toole who united the Arab tribes against the Turks. This 1962 epic spans years of time at an epic scale in order to exceptionally exhibit the struggle that T.E. Lawrence went through. It’s the raw emotion, massive war sequences, beautiful cinematography and terrific screenplay that makes this film worth seeing


3. Dr. Strangelove or : How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Stanley Kubrick took on a huge risk when he decided to make Dr. Strangelove. In this masterpiece, he intricately and astoundingly balanced the heavy political and apocalyptical weight that this film carried with hilarious comedy. This film perfectly tells us how electing the wrong public officials can lead to some seriously grave consequences.


2. The Lives Of Others

This is a magnificent German film that won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film back in 2007. It’s set in East Berlin around 1984 and the story revolves around a writer and his lover being secretly surveyed by an agent of the secret police while becoming more engrossed in their lives. What this film achieves is how it shows you that even the most emotionally numb people can have the humanity in them to care for other people. It is how they can still hold on to a human thread that makes their personalities compelling.


1. Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

When a senator dies, a naive young man named Jefferson Smith played by James Stewart is appointed to fill in. But tensions rise and ideals collide when Jefferson Smith finds out the corruption that ensues with the state political boss. This film shows how political power can lead people to have the wrong impression on a public official and how the media can make a senator look like a fool. It shows how a man with good intentions can change as he dives deep into the complex world of politics



Do you have a film that you’d like to include on the list? Or maybe a film that you’d like to take out? What’s your favorite political film? Leave a comment down below and let us know 🙂

Written by Hans Erickson Lim

Currently in my collegiate years at De La Salle College Of St. Benilde major in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs. I've been regarded as a film critic but I'd like to humbly label myself as a "cinephile"