Top 10 SciFi movies

Top Ten SciFi Movies
10. Metropolis


This silent movie was the first of it’s kind, with it’s futuristic setting and revolutionary ideas, it took the world by storm and merits its place in cinematic history.

09. E.T


This family friendly adventure will pull on the heartstrings of any watcher of any kind, and it’s a must watch for every SciFi lover.

08. Alien

This horror flick depicts humanity’s greatest fears in a blood chilling manner that will keep you awake for days.

07. Planet of the Apes:


A cult classic, it will take you on anunanticipated emotional rollercoaster.

06. Close Encounter of the Third Kind


If you can learn anything from this list i think it would be that you can always count on Spielberg when it comes to a good Science Fiction movie (or any kind of movie to be frank).

06. Jurrasic Park


Another cult classic, Remember that friend who wanted to be a paleontologist when they grew up?Yeah, This is why.

04. The Matrix


If you haven’t seen this movie, you’ve been living under a rock. With it’s unique story, exquisite execution and revolutionary ideas the Matrix has earned its place in the cinematic hall of glory.

03. Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan


Star Trek: the holy grail of nerdism, no one can deny the greatness of this movie. It has it all; Aliens : check, Space travel: check, futuristic technologies: check. What more do you need?

03.Back to Future


Time travel people! This movie is crowd-pleaser, if you wanna get your reluctant friend into SciFi this is the movie for you.

01.The Empire Strikes Back


This is the gateway drug to Science fiction, this space saga is pure perfection. Empire set the tone for the future of cinema.

To conclude, there is a Science Fiction film for everyone.