Classic Film Recommendation: North By Northwest

We all want to sit down and watch the next Avengers movie or whatever popcorn fluff Michael Bay might be turning out, but we should always remember the films that came before. Recently, my wife and I began watching some classic films to throw something ‘new’ into the mix and I thought it would be fun to review them here on the site for others to check out. You may have already seen these movies, but if you haven’t, I urge you to check them out. The first in the series in Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest.

Synopsis: North by Northwest is a spy-thriller that came out in 1959 starring Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint. The protagonist is thrown into a mistaken identity situation where he must learn the truth behind who he is thought to be while trying to survive in an environment fraught with danger and subterfuge.

Like all of Hitchcock’s work, this movie takes advantage of some amazing camera-work. Some brilliant wide-shots really bring about the suspense of the situation and the scene where a plane attacks Grant on the ground by swooping down on him is an amazing practical effect that was really innovative for the time.

So why would someone watch this movie when there are so many other modern films out there?  If you love movies, you should have an appreciation for the films that came before. Hitchcock was a master of suspense and this movie is truly one of his greatest. Take the time and sit down to watch this film!  You can check out the trailer below.  I rate this movie a full Five Stars.

I five this film a rating of 5/5 Stars!

Check out the film and let me know if the comments what you think!


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