Doctor Strange Movie Review

“A visually playful movie that explores the far-out dimension of the comics in typical Marvel fashion”

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After a tragic car accident that destroys his hands and hinders his work, prolific yet egotistical neurosurgeon “Dr. Stephen Strange” went on a quest to find a cure only to stumble upon “The Ancient One” who teaches him the ways of mystical arts.

Doctor Strange was fun to watch. Yeah sure it follows the beats of the usual superhero movie but it introduces a new and bizarre world to its audience. I can’t deny that the visuals have some Inception inspirations but it expounds upon it and makes it even more trippy. My friend commented that she felt like she was on drugs while she was watching the movie. The acting was on point. Benedict Cumberbatch was great. Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One was amazing. She was badass at the same time calm. For a movie about sorcery, I must say that there were a lot of hand to hand combat involved. A mixture of spells, world bending and martial arts made the action scenes creative and fun. The comedy was a hit and miss. Some of it felt off and awkward but some landed well. I point my finger at the pacing for this one because sometimes a scene would just drag on and some would just be too quick. I felt that they could’ve handled Strange’s training better by making the audience feel like he was actually training there for years. His training felt like it was just a week. They transitioned a little too fast from training to stopping the bad guy. The ending was done a little different. It wasn’t just the same hero beats bad guy one on one, it was hero finds a solution to make bad guy disappear. It was cool for them to do that and it really made the movie different from other Marvel movies.

Overall I liked Doctor Strange. As a fan of the character I wished they showcased more of his spells. Marvel has another good movie under its belt and we can only hope that they can keep it up. I give Doctor Strange a 7/10

Written by Hans Erickson Lim

Currently in my collegiate years at De La Salle College Of St. Benilde major in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs. I've been regarded as a film critic but I'd like to humbly label myself as a "cinephile"