Justice League: Review *Spoilers*

Let’s face the facts here. This movie is probably the most anticipated movie of the year. DC has been under a lot of pressure to establish their own universe and compete against Marvel. With some controversial changes with the director and the momentum that DC has, will this movie live up to its expectations?
Disclaimer: These are my opinions

Let’s start with the negatives

The plot is commonplace. We’ve seen this formula done plenty of times on screen before. An alien threat is awakened by a powerful alien McGuffin (in this case it’s the Mother Box) and he plans to take over the entire world with it. It is now up to our heroes (the Justice League) to fight this evil threat and save the world. This plot is basically the plot of most of the super hero films that have saturated the industry and I utterly hate coward studio executives and uncreative writers who lack the belief that their audience can understand a complex storyline. The fact that you have Christopher Nolan on board (a director who has proven with films such as Inception, Interstellar and The Dark Knight that blockbusters can have an intellectual and deep storylines) should motivate the studio to do better on scripts.


As if the ho-hum plot isn’t enough, it is also very flawed. Let’s take a look at one scene from the movie. At the very end, Superman and Cyborg manage to separate the 3 Mother Boxes allowing things to become normal. They then manage to defeat Steppenwolf and live happily ever after. What they didn’t show was what happened to the three Mother Boxes afterwards. These are weapons of mass destruction. Entire civilisations can be wiped out if another alien threat manages to harness them. Are we supposed to believe that Batman has it under control and that he probably locked it in a basement somewhere? If so then show it. A movie needs to tie loose ends like this together or it will absolutely make no sense as to how they just left something so important hanging in the air.


The first few minutes are a drag. It starts off very slow and morose as it shows slow motion scenes of streets and people being sad about Superman’s death. Internally, I irked and I wanted to scream “Just start the damn movie already!”. I also never expected DC to pull off something so cheap as to copy Marvel’s tricks. They started it off using the perspective of the smartphone camera to interview Superman which is very reminiscent of Spider-man: Homecoming when Peter was vlogging about his exciting experiences as a Stark intern.


Batman sucks. I can’t forgive DC for their treatment of Batman here. Batman is the greatest detective. He is always 10 steps ahead of his opponents and he always has a gadget or a plan whenever he is on a tight spot. He is temperate and he will think his way out of tense situations. However in this movie, he absolutely sucks balls. He’s always being pushed around by the other members. He chooses to throw snarky quips to defeat other people’s words instead of being calm and collected to win them over. In one part of the movie, he decides to revive Superman. When Superman awakens and he finally faces Batman, all of a sudden Batman doesn’t know how to defend himself after all the careful planning that he can do in Batman vs Superman. Ben Affleck did his best and he was great on the film. I can only blame the writers for undermining the capabilities of the caped crusader.


It looks like a video game. Oh the horror. I am so disappointed. This film had an estimated budget of $300,000,000 and it didn’t even look real. Cyborg looks like a human crystal and the villain looks like a character from World of Warcraft. A word of advice, if you can’t make your characters look real, use practical effects instead.

The film is unbalanced, the pacing is all over the place, the villain is very underdeveloped and I despise how stories and character backgrounds are told through exposition. With all these negatives of the film, what is there to even like?


The League

Considering all the hype surrounding the film and how most DC films performed (Wonder Woman excluded), most fans didn’t expect to go into this film seeing something compete for the Oscars or even be a good film. They just wanted it to be okay. Did they deliver that? Yes.


The strongest asset this film has is definitely in its characters particularly Wonder Woman and Flash. All of the scenes with Flash is funny and Ezra Miller absolutely steals the show. He has a lot of innocence in him and his insecurities and awkwardness make his interactions with the rest of the league more entertaining. Wonder Woman was great. Gal Gadot provides a lot of charm and charisma to the film that at one point her physicality stole the camera when she simply smiled. I do wish that Cyborg had more things to do than just stand there. Aquaman is finally cool. He no longer wears tight spandex that make him look like a Baywatch lifeguard. Jason Mamoa’s strong build and badass tattoos make him look like one of the most threatening members of the league. There is chemistry within the league you can sense that they enjoy each other’s company. As much as I hate seeing Batman being undermined, it was still fun seeing him exchange with the other members. Superman is an absolute badass here. He literally throws everyone around and he was able to bully Steppenwolf without breaking a sweat. It’s fun seeing the league together but I really hope that in he future they add more depth to the characters.
Overall this movie is ok if you turn your brain off. We’ve come across these characters a long time ago and to finally see them live on the big screen is very rewarding. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure. We’re not in here for the movie, we’re in it for the league.

Justice League gets a 6/10

Written by Hans Erickson Lim

Currently in my collegiate years at De La Salle College Of St. Benilde major in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs. I've been regarded as a film critic but I'd like to humbly label myself as a "cinephile"