Predestination Movie Review

“A twisted and unique take on time travel that shies away from the grand scheme”


An agent of time is chasing down a very elusive criminal who has caused plenty of bombings. It’s rather difficult to give the plot of the film without spoiling anything. I suggest that people go watch the film without knowing anything about it to be more thrilled with the mind bending twists and turns that this movie has in store.

Predestination stars Ethan Hawke playing as a temporal agent in this film and he is spectacular. His acting was very crucial to the story because it was up to him to convince us that this world exists. Sarah Snook here was amazing. She had a tough role but she pulled it off tremendously showing true acting range and commitment to the character. I was surprised how this film was shot well despite its modest budget. The film was for the most part teasing your brain. It goes off wandering into strange but interesting story arcs that unravels the profound possibilities of alternating past decisions and participating in the future chain of events. I thought the film was restraining it’s potential creative direction by focusing on exploring the main character’s attempts to fix his past instead of showcasing the various field work that he does while also uncovering the layers and principles of the organization that it introduced us with. Nonetheless, the story it told was thought provoking and one that is worth multiple viewings


I give Predestination an 8/10




Written by Hans Erickson Lim

Currently in my collegiate years at De La Salle College Of St. Benilde major in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs. I've been regarded as a film critic but I'd like to humbly label myself as a "cinephile"