The 15 best trailers of 2015

In the delicate art of the trailer (tease without saying too much), 2015 has been able to offer us some strong competitors. Ranking.

star wars the force awakens


To inspire viewers to move in theaters, to climb the thermometer sometimes a year in advance. Tough, the trade of erector trailers. But the past year has been generous in trailers that are printed on the retina. It was beautiful, it was bloody, it was funny, it was moving, it was panting. That was in 2015.


15 – Youth

Often revered as most hated by critics, Youth made in sobriety with an almost shy charm teaser, leaving all the space they deserved to music and beautiful shots Paolo Sorrentino. Just these few words of Michael Caine at the end: “You were right Music is all I understand.”. Perfect.


14 – Love

We can think what we want Love Gaspar Noé, its uncensored trailer retranscrivait perfectly the sensual nature (and sensory) of the film. Crude sex, lots of love and a sperm rain flowing on the screen. The recipe for the perfect trailer, in short.

13 – Steve Job

Not yet released here, Steve Jobs has stalled at the box office wherever he came out. All the more incomprehensible that different Danny Boyle film trailers had enough attention. Especially this second trailer that tightened the image until Jobs fades completely to make way for a slider. Then explosion of light when the genius revolutionizes the world of computing with the Mac. The rhythm and music climb to get to this final plan where Jobs is at its firmament. A modern god.



12 – Deadpool

A completely burnt trailer of the bulb, the image of a superhero that should bring some freshness to the genre next year. Gratuitous violence do you want in here and valves that hit (“I’m touching myself tonight”) are on the menu of this juicy trailer, which is not afraid to make the fat.



11 – Midnight Special

As an X-Men who take seriously – it is not a criticism at all – Midnight Special Jeff Nichols tell us the story of a father who flees to protect his son after discovering that the latter has strange powers. The trailer is intriguing just right and lays the foundation for a particularly dark universe. We can not wait, so that it works.


10 – Triple 9

Borderline indecency, this trailer urban thriller Triple 9. The video quietly puts his pack on the table and grabs you by the throat and never let you go. It hallucinates to each plan before the casting (“Oh Kate Winslet!”, “Oh, Casey Affleck!”, “Oh, Aaron Paul!”) And gunfights scenes seem to bury the already spectacular Sicario. If we strip? Affirmative.


9 –  Batman v Superman

Promoting Batman v Superman will never go higher than this trailer yet shunned by a lot of people. . “Tell Me You Will Do you bleed?” The warning issued by the Black Knight is an absolute coolness and this first trailer had the big advantage of practically not spoil the plot, outside the presence Lex Luthor and confrontation between the two superheroes. Those were the good old days.


8 – Magic Mike XXL

Who can resist the booty and abs Channing Tatum? Certainly not us. “We did not show the best moments of the film in this trailer, but it was very hard to resist,” warns immediately the video that sums up the triptych of Magic Mike XXL: muscles, camaraderie and humor.


7 – Suicide Squad

Released by the force of events following the leak of a poor quality video, the Suicide Squad trailer was much more exciting than expected. A generous teaser licked in images, on a resumption of lunar I Started a Joke Bee Gees. Until the long-awaited appearance of the Joker Jared Leto, who suddenly raises the blood pressure.



6 – Ave, César!

A Coen brothers movie is often impossible to summarize, then the trailer does not even bother to try. The character of George Clooney as the air we lost and the worst is that we want more. February 17 seems decidedly too far.


5 – Creed

Before discovering the trailer, we would not have given anything of skin Creed. The return of Rocky Balboa? The arrival of the grand-son of Apollo Creed? Yeah. And then we start the video and immediately the power of this transmission history staring us in the face. The guy in the mirror is your worst enemy, cowardly wholesale Stallone his protégé. We already know that once installed in the room, we cry at one time or another.


4 – Mad Max : Fury Road

If paradoxically the teaser was even stronger than this trailer (it was released in 2014, can not turn here), Mad Max: Fury Road put everything even a big slap to competition. As a statement that says that Grandpa Miller is far from retirement and the young guard can go get dressed. The film proved to us he was not joking.


3 – Zoolander 2 


Rage if you want, nobody prevents us from putting the trailer for Zoolander 2 in third place in this ranking. The return of Derek and Hanso is crying laughing and there’s not a single bad taste in this armored trailer for guests. A demon has certainly sucked your soul if you do not marrez to the appearance of Benedict Cumberbatch in androgynous mannequin.



2 – The Revenant



1 –  Star Wars :  The Force Awakens

The yardstick of the year. But it was almost too easy to excite us beyond the reasonable with the return of a franchise like Star Wars. So we got in eyes full (with all the trailers that matter), wisely regressing at the age of 8 years while Han Solo finally accepted the existence of the Force, the path taken by Rey and Finn traced slowly before us and that Kylo Ren remained more mysterious than ever. The worst is that it still works even after seeing the film. Chills are intact.




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    mad max fury roads is awesome