Together at Last: The First Justice League Trailer

People may have had various reactions on the latest Superman sequel, but Warner Bros. will not raise their white flag just yet.

The studio had its full force comeback at Comic-Con’s iconic Hall H, where Zack Snyder released the film’s trailer. Teaser shows Bruce Wayne hunting down Aquaman and sneak peeks of other superheroes, excluding Superman, who appears to be missing in the clip.

Its ongoing trend on social media concludes that this may not be “disappointing at all” to watch. Fans have high hopes that this would finally match and catch up on Marvel’s success (although we still have Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman to see first if there is really a chance for DCEU to be saved).

Here is a bonus bad-ass photo of the Justice League, with a smiling Superman, looking-from-afar The Flash, intimidating Wonder Woman, and killer stares from Cyborg, Batman, and Aquaman—all ready to kick some asses and save the world.

Justice League hits theaters next year.

Written by Pamela Vasquez

always a writer, sometimes a gamer, occasionally a wanderer