There was a leak in the season 6 of Game of Thrones [Spoiler Alert]

You have not clicked on this article I hope if you do not want to learn a little more about what will happen in Season 6. Know that this leak concerns embodied by the beautiful Khaleesi Emilia Clarke and it was broadcast by mistake after Elie Haddad, an actor who has joined the cast to play a Dothraki warrior, has posted the following tweet:

game of thromes s06 script


WHAT A MISTAKE ! Post a photo with part of the script of an episode of season 6! Sure, the actor quickly deleted the tweet but what he forgot is that the Internet does not have a short memory and nothing loses it. So we finally learn not much with this part of the script but we can read a rather crisp dialogue:

Several Khals (the most powerful Dothraki) meet

– “I love it,” said one of them

Khals other agreements are with him

– “It is paler than milk”
– “I am sure she is nice and frail when the clip a little”
– “Huummm, I want to know the taste of a Khaleesi”
– “Okay, it must suck my b ***”

Laughter all around

But what do this dialogue and this scene? According to rumors, this scene should take place in episode 3 or 4 season 6, which will be led by Dan Sackheim. What we can certainly conclude that Khaleesi Daenerys will have to do his former comrades, the Dothraki, since it agrees that they now want to become the new all Drogo.