‘Vikings’ Is Back! 4 Things We Are Excited About

Image via IGN
Image via IGN

The second part of Vikings’ fourth season is set to return on our screens this Thanksgiving and we’re all really excited about where the story is heading. ‘The Last Ship’ left us with a victorious Rollo being cheered at by the crowds of Paris and a disgraced Ragnar returning to Kattegat after a long disappearance. The new series have us anticipating many things, some of them being:

Ragnar’s Sons
We met Ragnar’s boys all grown up in ‘The Last Ship’, but other than their names we don’t know much else about them. What we can safely say is that Ivar will have a major role in the new episodes. The first part of season 4 showed us glances of Ivar’s dark side, so he will definitely be an exciting new character!

Ragnar vs. Ecbert
The destruction of the viking settlement in England is no longer a secret as we saw on ‘The Last Ship’. Judging by the new teasers, King Ecbert will finally be confronted about it. It’s been awhile since Ragnar and Ecbert had any interactions, which were known to be priceless in past episodes!

Lagertha vs. Aslaug
These two have been hot and cold ever since their first meeting. At some point, they appeared to be friends, or at the very least they respected each other. That was before Aslaug took a dark turn this season (some have even compared her to Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones). The new trailers show tension between the two characters, with Lagertha telling Aslaug that she’s never forgiven her for taking Ragnar.

The teasers show Rollo being conflicted between his Viking background and his new role as a French aristocrat. That has been so since he first joined the Parisian court, the only difference being that back then he wasn’t the saviour of Paris.